Commercial Break

Teams design and produce an a "Cinema-Style" Commercial

1.5 - 2.5 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
7 - Unlimited


In Commercial Break teams take on the role of an advertising agency and finesse their teamwork skills as they produce an engaging Commercial. Each team is given the subject and theme of a commercial to create and the equipment, including props and a tablet or camera to produce it. Teams start planning, discussing ideas and writing a script. They sketch an outline of the commercial on a storyboard, find props, choose filming locations, select music and decide on roles and responsibilities. Teams film each scene in sequence, adapting their plan to the realities of filming.

Learning Outcomes

Commercial Break is a great fun and informal way of exploring key issues with a group. The briefs for the commercials can explore company products or services, poke fun at competitors or designed to deliver powerful internal messages on teamwork, values or customer service.

Teams employ creativity, effective communication and strategic planning to interpret the brief into key messages and a meaningful and powerful story line. Team dynamics and project management skills are required to complete the project effectively and on time.

Related Testimonial

The Commercial Break activity was an incredible way of exploring team dynamics. It highlighted the importance of planning vs. action to our group.


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